Architectural Rendering Tips #1 - Real Grass

It is challenging for us to make 'real' grass on 3D Visualization. The most important things is we need to learn about grass characteristic itself, and re-doing it in 3D. We will share some tips for make the 3D grass looks real as simple as possible.

1. We used Forest Pack for make the grass. We use 2 - 3 different of grass type and randomly transform and distribute. It is depands on your needs, but do not put to much variant of grass . It will make your grass to messy. (But if you like to do it, it's your choice)

2. The color of real life grass are different, the color of grass itself, and the color of every area is different. So use different color on the same color palate.

3. Make the area feel natural with not fill the ground with full of grass. You must exposed some ground with a slight of grass.

4. Put some medium size of Brush as a variation.

We hope this will help you to make the 'real' grass in 3D Visualization! If you have an question, do not hestitate to comment in this post. We will reply as soon as possible!

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MK Retail Project - Urban Pathway

Grass detail of MK Retail Project

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