KUNKUN Visual x AIESEC - June to August

KUNKUN Visual is one of the best 3D architectural visualization company in Indonesia which is working globally. It has its own creative and innovative approach towards Photorealistic Rendering in Budget.

KUNKUN Visual Team

It was the first time for KUNKUN Visual to work with the AIESEC Exchange program. AIESEC is a global platform that provides opportunities to students of different countries to participate and to experience the dynamic working environment in other countries. We are glad that AIESEC asked us to provide the space for their exchange participants to work at our workplace.

Our company decided to provide the participants with a marketing opportunity.The job description for their respective roles was to conduct international market research in architecture visualization and make a marketing strategy for KUNKUN Visual. Moreover, the participant has to fulfill the creative target and timeline so as to make the marketing plan step by step to reach a final goal.

Through this exchange program, KUNKUN Visual got a chance to have two internees from different beliefs and cultures. It was a wonderful experience to work with them and to know about their different traditions and culture. The First Participant was from Vietnam and Second Participant was from India. It was a 2 months internship program that widened our marketing knowledge about the international architecture market in their respective countries.Furthermore, we got a chance to learn and practice their national languages and traditions like how they live, how they cook and their working environment too.

Our company provided them with a comfortable working place, a one-time meal, electronic accessories, and a family kind environment so that they don't feel different from us. It helped the exchange participants to freely participate in our presentations and discussions.

During their internship, we got a fruitful result because of their dedicated hard work. Firstly, we got two rendering projects from Canada, Hungary, and some projects from Jakarta too. Secondly, they improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for our company’s website, they maintained the database of potential clients globally which we can reach. Besides this, They also maintained our Google Analytics Account, created Facebook and Instagram Advertisements which worked really very well for our company.

In the nutshell, KUNKUN Visual is really thankful to AIESEC for providing our company with such amazing exchange participants. Also, Both the EPs who worked with utmost dedication towards our company. KUNKUN Visual hope that we will get further opportunities to work with more exchange participants from different countries.

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