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ACADEMY DAYS 2020 - Kunkun Visual as Contributor Contents

Updated: Feb 24

Academy Days is the biggest archviz event in the world. This is annual event for ArchViz artist to gathering together in Venice.

The Architectural Visualization event from SoA Academy moved online for its 11th edition on 3rd and 4th of December, 2020.It’s free for all the participants to raise funds for ICRC and its campaign against COVID-19. To watch the on-demand videos from our contributors and the recordings of the live talks, you can still get your ticket with the widget on the right. This event is totally free for everyone.

The live event is not going to be the only content for this Academy Days 2020. It will be able to watch recorded lectures and small tutorials done by all amazing contributors.

On December 3rd and 4th from 2 pm (UTC+1) to 6 pm (UTC+1) connect to this page and find the link for the live event. You can access this event at

After the event is over, you can still access the on-demand contents: you only need to have an account on the website. Sign in and start browsing the sections below.

We are proud to support Academy Days 2020: Sharing is Caring as Contributor, together with: Anna Perela / Cityscape Digital Alberto Berga / Javier González / Berga & González / Architectural Visualization Pedro Fernandez / Arqui9 Visualisation Pierre Maheut Pro / Nicolas Paulhac / Substance Vasyl Matsola / Andriy Matsola / Submarina Ander Alencar / Oficina3D Paolo Zambrini / ENGRAM Studio Milda Liubinskaite / Plomp Martin Loureiro Prego / WAX Architectural Visualizations Juan Altieri / Estudio A2T Alex York / Iain Banks / Recent Spaces Petr Mitev / Enscape Norm Li / Norm Li Tudor Vasiliu / Panoptikon Paul Roberts / Itoo Software

Contributors: John Luke Hodgkins / another_a_r_t_i_s_t Lisa Della Dora / Render IT Rheza Nugraha / Kunkun Visual Andrea Papastergiou / Nightnurse Images Vittorio Bonapace Lautaro Vogel / Toni Buzolic / Uniform Daniel Kapr / Raumgleiter Angela Brown / Luis Inciarte / narrativ. Carlos Cristerna / Neoscape Enrico Lapponi / State of Art Academy

Organizers: Gianpi StateofartAcademy Monopoli Roberto Cepp De Rose

Our CEO will talked about marketing in social media for Architectural Visualization. If you want to see the video, please check and sign up at

Thanks and Happy Watching!

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