Transendence Session #1 - Visual Thinking

In Friday, 12th July 2019, we got a chance to share about Architectural 3D Visualization Insight in Under Big 3 by Popo Danes Event in Danes at Veranda, Bali. We shared how we work and how we see Indonesian ArchViz industy in the future.


Rheza Kun (CEO of KUNKUN Visual) and Remi Triadi (Creative Director of KUNKUN Visual)


Introducing KUNKUN Visual and the background of the speakers.

Session 1: by Remi Triadi

The image are made from pixels. Pixels are sending the information to our brain. Our brain are process it and say to us 'oh this is the villas rendering'

Now, we explaining about the visual thinking, because of humans receive information by thinking. That thinking process called ; System One and System two.


System one is an automatic, fast and often unconscious way of thinking. It is autonomous and efficient, requiring little energy or attention, but is prone to biases and systematic errors. If you read text on a billboard or understand simple sentences, our brain is thinking with system one. (Source: Thinking, Fast, and Slow by Daniel Kahneman)

You can see this example of video from Agung Podomoro Land for more understanding about System One.

In system one, our brain is thinking fast, we receive information in little energy of thinking with the clear text. The great access is pictured by LRT Station and buses. The green concept is pictured by the green grass and trees. Harmony and happy family pictured by a family is played at the pool with happy face. So we can clearly think and see without thinking the meaning.

Our brain must thinking fast because of the needs of marketing property. They must be captured quickly with clear information by the customer. For Example: the customer must get the information in the fast way, if they on the way in a car.

Customer brain must served by the clear information and they can process it quickly and will say 'oh it is the good property, the access is good and the design is amazing, it is worth if i have it'


System two is slow, effortful , infrequent, logical, calculating, conscious. We must have prior experience with what we see in order to understand system two (Source: Thinking, Fast, Slow Book by Daniel Kahneman) We need to focus, more effort, and this is a serial of thinking process.

Our system 1 sends suggestions to our system 2. Who then turns them into beliefs. System two is the next level.

You can see this example of video from DBOX, 3D visualization company from united kingdom (UK) for more understanding about System Two.

In this video we can see the mammals. Why mammals? Why they not use a human as models?

Mammals are the closest living creature to human. They use it for deliver the message in different way.

If we see the big elephant in the bathroom, our brain is thinking....

'Oh the Bathroom is so large' because there is an elephant in the bathtub. For now, the biggest mammals is elephant after dinosaur. Our brain is thinking that keyword, right?

If we see the a Giraffe in the living room, we can sense 'wow, the ceiling is so high!'.

Giraffe can enjoy the living room even the giraffe is tall. Especially, if humans are there, they can be very satisfied.

Our brain can process it because our earlier experience. Maybe, when we are child, our parents bring us to the zoo and our brain keep the memories; elephant is big and Giraffe is tall (system one)

If we see the tiger and the zebra playing chest together in that video, can you imagine how it works?

In the National Geographic, we can see zebra and tiger is enemy, But in this video they are friends. The message in this video, represent the harmony. If human living in that apartment, they can live in harmony.

They deliver the meaning of luxurious in the different way with storytelling. We are so impressed!


We must be a creative person. Do not border your creativity with the 'rules'.

System one and System two is depend of customer needs.

Now, KUNKUN Visual hopes can jump to System Two thinking and make breakthrough for this industry. Let's make this visual and communication industry better and better.

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