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Frequently Asked Questions

KUNKUN 3D is a full service Architectural 3D visualization company based in Bandung, Indonesia with more than 5 years of experience in offering architectural rendering for  architects and developers around the world.


What is your company’s working procedure?


There are 2 stages in our working procedure:  Modeling, Rendering, and Postproduction. Usually architects provide 3D base modeling. If you have a 3D Modeling, please sent to us. please let us know for faster progress and cut the budget off

How I can get a Quote?


Please kindly contact with us via the contact on our website. Our team will follow up your inquiries. After that, we will prepare the quotation and send it as soon as posiblle.

How long does it take to complete a rendering?


We work on Indonesian time zone. Typically it takes 3 - 7 days to complete a 3D rendering Image, and it can take a little longer depends on the project size, complexity, special requests, and our quota.  For complete the render, every project is different and we must review each project individually. 

What type of files that we must provide? 


-For modeling we receive files from 3dsMax, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, and Rhinoceros + Grasshopper model.

-Mood desired for each image, and confirmation of the camera's angle of the rendering

-Material and finishing for each project attached in modeling or on other information. It is easier for our team in the rendering process. Such information may also be made in the drawings as a legend.

-AutoCAD or ArchiCAD files to show floor plans, elevations, sections, site plans. We also accept the file as a PDF, complete with hand sketch dimensions and information

-Information of the location  (site photos and the location). This is useful for adjusting rendering the actual site / existing. For additional data, please attach a hi-resolution photograph of the project about to be shown in the visualization image (with a particular view).

-Additional information that make the process easier.

How do you deliver final renderings to your clients?


We send all final files via email. For large files, we send it via a link from dropbox or Wetransfer

What about pricing?


We always offer an affordable prices with the best quality output.  We can working on client's requests and timeline. For quotation is based on client's request's. 

Our pricing are depending on the project complexity, camera (technique), and limit completion time.

Can I get a discount?


The discount Is depends on the project complexity. For the further info, you can discuss about it with our manager

 How can we make the payment?

We serve payment via bank transfer for our Indonesian clients. For international clients, we make payment through MoneyGram, Western Union or Paypal

What is your final rendering standard?


We will prepare the final rendering in JPEG format in 2500-5000 Pixels. If higher resolution is needed, please be informed before the project begins. all images produced through the process of Quality Control. We have assistants who ensure the quality before the image is sent to the client

Do you maintain copyright on all 3D models and renderings you produce?


Kunkun 3D Visualization Partner retains the copyright on all work produced by us. Our clients or their license holders are free to use the materials for presentations and marketing. We always maintain if somebody used the image without permission.


What is the advantage between you and other renderings companies in Indonesia?

Since it was established in 2012 as Architectural 3D Visualization company, We had a lot of experience to handle projects within and outside the country. We cooperate with Agung Podomoro Group, Lippo, MidPlaza Ayana Group, and International developers and architects. We have a lot experience and always commitment to quality.

1. We offer competitive prices with international quality
2. We can work in a short time
3. We can finish within a certain time (time-critical)
4. We offer two languages, namely Indonesian and English
5. We have a competent company with a solid team.
6. We have a Project Leader and a person in charge for each project.
5. All rendering will be immediately examined by the Project Leader before it is delivered to the clients.
6. We offer many options of unique mood, so that your image will be different from the others.
7. Today, We are the Leading 3D Visualization and Rendering Company in Indonesia

Can not find the answer you want? You are welcome to send us your questions to: info@kunkun3d.com

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