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Indonesian best 3D Architectural Visualization Company

Communicating your idea to everyone.

Kunkun visual is an architectural visualization company that works its magic on your architectural design to create photorealistic and naturally pleasing images and translate your creative vision into stunning 3D renderings. Founded in 2016, KUNKUN Visual rapidly became one of the best 3D architectural visualization companies in Indonesia who is also working globally.  It has its own creative and innovative approach towards Photorealistic and High-End 3D Rendering.


As an innovative company for interactive architectural visualization in Indonesia, KUNKUN Visual keeps growing, learning, and inspiring the industry with new technologies and new standards to reach.

Beauty is
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Next level talents

Everyone in our KUNKUN Visual team values the importance of teamwork, and we make good communication a top priority. We make sure everyone feels comfortable exploring their passion and harnessing their skills, and we push each other to get to the next level.

Our headquarter is surrounded by the latest gears and technology that support an effective workflow. We are a team of talented individuals that uplift each other to reach boundless possibilities.

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Share to inspire

We value good communication not only within our team but also with our clients from around the world. With the right amount of skills, teamwork, and great collaborative efforts, we can make something amazing together.

We continue to hold workshops, seminars, and forums where we share our experience and knowledge because it is also a part of our goal to inspire future Architectural Visualizers and empower this industry for the better.

We are a solid team with a good aesthetic sense and lots of experience with partners from around the world. We understand the beauty of using the right tools to make the best out of your ideas. Working with us means we will value your awesome ideas and inputs, and blow your mind with the results.

Meet the people behind our stunning images


Rheza Kun

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Silvia Wulandari

Chief Development Officer

Asia Key Account Manager


Ruben Tutuko

Europe and UK

Key Account Manager


Elsa Oktaviani

Project Manager


Adri Kusuma

Senior 3D Artist & Animator


Asma Arina Haq

3D Artist & Animator


Moh Arief Rizal

Project Manager


Willy Diven S

Post Production Artist


Stella Viona

Asset Creation & 3D artist


Uung Kurniawan

Studio Manager & 3D Artist


Jihad Maulana

Asset Creator & Animator


Eka Nurjanah

Administrator & Finance


Christoper Yuwono

3D artist & Development

Ninda Rachma

3D artist

AAA09466 copy.jpg

Ruri Lestari

Junior 3D Artist

Ricky Rizky

3D Artist

Tia Maryam

3D artist

AAA09464 copyy.jpg

Arga Wijaya

VFX Artist & Graphic Designer


Arya Wisnu Wardhana - IDN

3D Artist Intern (2019)

Samridhi Vashisth - India

Marketing Intern (2019)

Nga Thi Ngunyen - Vietnam

Marketing Intern (2019)

Arsal - Pakistan

Programmer Intern (2019)

Celina - Canada

Architect Intern (2019)

Interested in joining the team?