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Expanding your ideas, visualizing your vision.

Kunkun Visual is a CGI Creative Agency from Indonesia. Our main resource is the team.

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                    We define brand positioning and brand value or your project value

Discuss your project's target audience, location, concept, and value. You will find unique features of your real estate project that makes your project unique.  It's very own functions and value will help us start in the right direction.

Brand Identity

Logo design

Naming (cluster, project)


                    We love to make things good and to experiment something ❤️ stills or motion. We like both.

As a property developer, figure out a high-end still – or animation / archviz movie – from a short video for Instagram to an entire advertising campaign.

Still Image

ArchViz Movie

Visual Content

Virtual Reality (VR)


                    We develop web for your real estate or any of your digital content.

We will master any media plan, prepare materials for placement on selected sites and help to engage a new audience.

Real Estate Web

Interactive Solutions

Walktrough Virtual Reality



                    Key Visual and tagline for your real estate campaign. Feels memorable.

Mastering in any media plan, strategies, and content placement to help you engage the right audience.

Property Launching Kit

Real Estate Banners, Hoarding and Brochure / Booklet

Social Media Content

Motion Design


We are communicating your VISION
In this 7 years, we create campaigns for any type of design, real estate and development with luxury and culture.

We know to make "it" stand out.
We visualize, we inspire, we empower.

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35+ people        50+ animation       3000+ images       1000+ projects

If you want to discuss your project
with us or just to get closer, send
us a mail to

Our doors are always open ❤️

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